Takeaway Intercom Solution
The safer way to collect a Takeaway!

With almost a year of lockdowns and restrictions we have developed a concept solution for our food takeaway industry.
Protect yourself and your customers and install this new concept brought to you by AES Global.

Using our intercoms at your door will help ease the number of customers in your restaurant, café or takeaway.

Greatly reducing the need for customers to congregate indoors.


Customers can announce their arrival from outside to collect their order.

Walk-ins become walk-thru’s as they can order their food outside using the intercom.

You can also communicate to customers waiting outside that their order is ready.

A solution making it easier, safer and cleaner.
We have several intercoms that we can tailor to your external front facia or entrance. 

The following would be suitable for this application.

No touch Intercom

Keep your customers safer with our no touch intercom. To learn more about our no touch technologies:

Other products

Our 603 is a Intercom range that is connected to wireless handset. 

phone-hand edit.png

The Cellcom Prime6 is a range of GSM intercoms that rings your mobile when a customer presses the call button. 

1 button GSM.png

The Modular range covers all our technologies, Wireless, GSM, WIFI & Hard Wired


If you would like to know more please contact our sales team who can talk you through installation. 

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