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The Walters Group - 18 Button GSM Modular

An Install of one of our 18 button GSM Modular units. On a busy apartment block of 18 apartments/flats. Handy system for residents for easy access and mobile calling, with each button calling the apartment owners mobile number.

The Issue
The AES GSM Modular was replacing an existing hard-wired Urmet intercom system that simply wasn’t performing correctly. The Walters Group required a wireless system as the old cabling couldn’t be used as some of the wiring was undefinable.

The Customer:
The install took place in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire by The Walters Group for an apartment block overseen by a management company.
It was installed in March 2021.

The Location:
It was installed on an apartment block of 18 residents requiring GSM door entry.

The Solution:
A wireless solution was required due to a lack of existing cables. The AES GSM modular range was ultimately proposed due to the flexibility in customising your own panel and allowing remote access for the residents.

The solution used on this property was an 18 button 4G GSM with in-built keypad.

Why? Product?
The addition of a keypad was key to the installation of this product by The Walters Group the ability to remotely program the keypad by use of the Multicom 4G app.

The apartment block is known for high traffic due to a large amount of residence so allowing the features of timed and temporary codes can also be efficient for visitor and trade access.

Reviews and testimonials:
Darrel Walters from The Walters Group: ‘The installation was quick and easy to install, the system resolved the customer previous issues all in a mornings work’

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