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Convent of Mercy - Modular Install

The gate house to the Convent no longer controls the access to the property via the gated entrance that leads to the wrought iron fence lined driveway leading up to the main convent. A solution was needed to control the access to the 10 acres of land that surround the convent and chapel remotely.

The Customer
Still used as a convent the new owners required a secure means to control access.

The Location
The Convent of Mercy is situated in the historic mid-Louth town of Ardee in Ireland. (76km north of Dublin, 26km from Drogheda and 20KM from Dundalk).

Ardee gets its name from the Irish Áth Fhirida, the Ford of Ferdia, where the legendary hero Cúchulainn defeated his friend Ferdia on the banks of the River Dee.

Founded in c. 1831 by Sr. Catherine McAuley The Sisters of Mercy which was already established in Dundalk planned to set up a Convent in Ardee at this time. Rev. Canon J. Levins recognised the great needs of his people in Ardee and set about to improve their lives.

In 1855 a suitable site for a convent was located and The Convent was designed by John Neville in a Gothic Revival style and built of granite and cut limestone. It is a significant building of considerable architectural interest and has played a vital role in the local community over the last 165 years.
Within two short years they established Our Lady’s Primary School. Four Sisters worked in the school. The enrolment grew to over 120 in less than four years.

In 1974 a new Community School was built, and the Convent continued.
More recently the Convent of Mercy was purchased by a young Roman Catholic community, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, which intends to use the building as a convent for the female branch of their order.

The Solution
Advanced Digital Security Limited was the installer on this project and opted for our AES GSM Modular Intercom. The GSM Modular Intercom has 2 call buttons and a keypad. (MOD-2B-KP/4GE)
The convent now has full control of the main drive gates and the pedestrian gate allowing the client full control over the intercom unit calling an assigned mobile phone and then can grant or deny access to the visitor via the Multicom APP.

Why? Product?
GSM Multi - Button Intercom
The advanced GSM Intercom
• Setting the opening and closing times of the automatic gate.
• Schedule do not disturb schedules.
• User history.
• Illuminated call buttons and keypad.
• GSM module, LED’s indicative, call status.
• Add permanent, temporary keyboard and time slot codes.

Reviews and testimonials

Canon Lebocq Testimonial:
Our requirements for the project was to be able to control access to the convent through the main entrance gate and pedestrian gate and also to have full control over the intercom unit to call an assigned mobile phone so that we can grant or deny access to the visitor via the GSM intercom.

Advanced Digital Security showed their expertise in finding the right solution for our requirements, they were able to guide us in the right direction and provide us with a product that did exactly what was required. With the Convent being a 200 year old protected building our major concern was protecting the property, Advanced Digital Security showed tremendous care on installation and understood what the building means to us and the local community.

With recently taking over the property we have a lot of things to organise, I am truly fortunate to find a local company that took ownership of this task and it was completed with no issues, they demonstrated professionalism from initial contact to competition of the project and thereafter. We are very happy with the new system and working with Advanced Digital Security.


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