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Convent of Mercy - Modular Install

The gate house to the Convent no longer controls the access to the property via the gated entrance that leads to the wrought iron fence lined driveway leading up to the main convent. A solution was needed to control the access to the 10 acres of land that surround the convent and chapel remotely.


Holkham Hall – Modular GSM Installation

Join Ray as he takes you through an installation of a modular GSM intercom from AES Global, installed at the historic Holkham Hall in North Norfolk.


Install of our Praetorian Guard

This install is used for a rental apartment in France. Great for landlord to manage the access control to the apartment, safe and secure.


Leroy Merlin Call station access Control

Definition of a drive call point or click & collect terminal
The drive call station or click & collect call station is designed to operate outdoors. The system allows the customer to call the management centre through an intercom that manages conversations and access control.


Queens Tower Sheffield - Multicom GSM Project

AES are proud to have worked with our distribution partner BFT Automation and installation partner Synergy Security Systems Ltd on an innovative solution for the historic Queen’s Tower development in Sheffield.


The Walters Group - 18 Button GSM Modular

An Install of one of our 18 button GSM Modular units. On a busy apartment block of 18 apartments/flats. Handy system for residents for easy access and mobile calling, with each button calling the apartment owners mobile number.


Warsaw Poland - Cellcom prime & Multicom GSM

Fantastic install by CMM Automatyka at Vistula Boulevards and Park Skaryszewski in Warsaw, Poland. Installation of several AES Cellcom Prime and Multicom intercoms at key entrances with road bollards to maximise the efficiency, operation, and management of vehicle access to pedestrian and cycle areas at this major tourist attraction.

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