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Modular Range


With multiple modules available to choose from, to match with your chosen Modular shell, to create your Modular System. 

Our modular collection is versatile for various uses, from individual residences to apartment complexes. Our modular design seamlessly accommodates any entry point, whether it’s a gate, door, or gooseneck mount.

603 MOD MOCK UP web.jpg


Our Modular range is available in several AES signature Intercom styles you can choose from. Whether you want a sleek flush finish or a cool architectural with wall backlighting effect. Who doesn’t like having choices?


MODULAR architectural RANGe


flush group steel effect modules web.png


GSM C.png


GSM Intercoms For Talking & Operating Your Door/Gates By Phone.

Wireless C.png


Wireless Intercom System with a cordless telephone.

WIFI C.png

IP / 4G

Smart phone IP / 4G Video Intercom System.

wired C.png


Hard wired audio and video intercom systems.

Modular GSM Single Button

Single-Button GSM Intercom System

Calls your phone/mobile device on roll-over when the visitor presses the call button. FOTA - Upgrade firmware via SMS. 250 - Keypad codes & prox cards (permanent and time-restricted). Store up to 4 notification phone numbers to receive an SMS when the relay is triggered etc (can be customised). Trigger, latch and unlatch with SMS replies. 250 caller ID numbers. Units with a proximity reader are available. 2 Relays. Works with the AES PRO app for installer progamming. Homeowners can use the AES HOME app for a more end user option.

HA 1.png
3 copy.png
pexels-porapak-apichodilok-369376 web.jpg
GSM C.png

Modular GSM Range

MOD-20B-px-KP-4GE (2) copy_edited.png
PRO 2.png
PRO 1.png

Modular GSM Multi-Button

Multi-Button GSM Intercom System

The Modular multi-button is for multi-house/flats. The units are available with up to 26 buttons. When a call button is pressed the unit calls the homeowner’s mobile/phone. FOTA – Upgrade firmware via SMS. Set automatic gate open & close times. Unit programable via the AES PRO app. Add keypad codes/prox cards via the app. Visitor keypad codes/prox cards/caller IDs: 250 Permanent & Time-restricted. 50 Temporary. 3 Dial out numbers per apartment. 2 Relays.

Modular GSM Multicom Classic

Multi Residents GSM Intercom System

Multi Family Intercom with illuminated digital screen to scroll for resident/apartment number. Calls up to 1000 apartments from a single SIM card. (3 users per apartment) Visitors can scroll for residents, or enter an apartment number to call. HD voice with VoLTE*. Prox reader comes as standard. Built in time clock for auto opening and closing of gates, barriers, or doors in busy periods or for daytime operation. Visitor keypad codes/prox cards/caller IDs: 250 Permanent & Time-restricted. 50 Temporary. Do not disturb feature. Unit programable via the AES PRO app. 2 Relays.

PRO 2.png
PRO 1.png
PRO 2.png
PRO 1.png

Modular GSM Multicom Lite

Multi Residents GSM Intercom System

Multi Family Intercom with illuminated information window can hold up to 30 names or instructions if preferred. Multicom Lite - 4G LTE capable, GSM multi-apartment intercom. Display up to 30 families on the illuminated directory screen. Up to 100 family direct dialling from the keypad. 300 maximum Caller ID numbers (not including visitor CID). Do not disturb feature. Unit programable via the AES PRO app. FOTA – Upgrade firmware via SMS. Visitor keypad codes/prox cards/caller IDs: 250 Permanent & Time-restricted. 50 Temporary. 2 Relays.

603 handset 1.jpg
Wireless C.png

Modular Wireless Range

Modular DECT 603

Wireless Audio System

Talk to your caller over a wireless audio handset. Up to 400 meters open field range! Working range of 200 meters through 1 exterior concrete, brick or stone wall. Built in voicemail feature to record missed callers at your door or gate (playback from handset). Intercall between handsets. 2 Relays. Up to 4 audio handsets per system. Two handset types are available, a portable handset with a charging base or a handsfree option that can be walled or desk mounted.

1.2 web.png
705 MOD_edited.png

Modular DECT 705

Wireless Video System

View & talk to callers through a wireless video handset. Wireless video intercom system for gates. Working range 200 metres (400m open field). Unique technology combining 2.4GHz digital & DECT 1.88GHz digital signals. Colour camera with infrared night vision capability. Long range antenna as standard. Gate / Door release relay built in. Optional keypad for access control.

Modular DECT 703

Wireless Audio Multi-button System 

Wireless audio intercom system for flats/apartments. When caller press a call button it rings over a wireless handset. D.E.C.T wireless intercom system for flats, apartments or shared gate entrances. Up to 4 call buttons, each button calling a different handset. Working range of 200 metres through concrete (up to 400 metres open field). Simple setup and install. 1 handset per property or apartment. Keypad for coded access (Panels with built-in prox reader available). Built in voicemail feature for missed callers, user can listen to messages on the handset. (playback from handset - English & French only). 2 Relays.

703 5B.png
1.2 web.png
1.2 web.png
1.2 web.png
1.2 web.png
WIFI C.png

Modular IP Range

Modular Praetorian Gaurd

IP - 4G Video System

Speak & view to your visitors from anywhere in the world. 4G available for remote internet access. The access point will provide an internet connection via a compatible SIM card* Grant access remotely - Send a command to the gate motor via the app to open your gates etc. Motion Detection. Night Vision. Keypad Codes – 24-7 / Timed / Temporary (Optional) PROX unit options - 100 Cards/Tags - 24-7 / Timed / Temporary. Connect via WiFi, LAN Cable or 4G Access Point (Sold Separately) (Dualband WIFI. 2.4 & 5.8G wifi (802.11 b/g/n/a/c) Coin Cell Battery to retain important system settings while a device is off. E.g. date-stamp. Volume of external speaker adjustable at the call-point. Programmable with the AES SMART app. Using a sleek new user interface, ensuring a more user-friendly experience and improved functionality.

Styluscom banner v4.jpg
wired C.png

Modular Hardwired

Modular Styluscom

Wired Smart Video Intercom System

Combines access control and CCTV in one system. Wired video intercom system. Up to 2 gates and 2 CCTV cameras connected to a maximum of 4 monitors. Monitors can be flush or surface mounted. The monitor has a 4.3 screen. SD Card records stills of visitors/missed callers. Option to connect external camera to speech panel for certain applications. Easy to wire monitor with wall mounted connection panel.

stylus mod_edited.png
STYLUS-4.3 (up to date).png
SLIM-HF-EH copy.png

Modular SLIM

Wired Slim Audio System

Talk to your caller over a wired audio handset. You can have up to 4 wired audio handsets per system. Comes with a curved stylish Handsfree handset available in black or white. 1200 keypad codes (across 3 relays). 150m typical cabled range using twisted pair cables. 24V DC 2A power supply included. (Handsets 12v dc) 2 Relays.

2x2 slate 2.jpg

Confused about our Modular range? Don't hesitate to contact us! You can use our handy website chat feature to talk to one of our sales team or use email on our 'contact us' page.

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