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In the interpretation of this return and warranty policy, the following terms shall have the meanings specified below:

  • AES: AES Global Ltd;

  • Customer: an active AES Distributor; where the details of the correct Distributor is not known this will mean the Installer or Homeowner in its place in this order of details obtainable.

  • Installer; an installer of access control systems working for a registered company;

  • Homeowner, also known as end-user; the owner of the end product.

  • Parties: the Customer, Installer and/or Homeowner considered jointly;

  • Product(s): the Product(s) which are the subject of the sale between Customer and AES, as described in the Sale Contract this may be an individual component and/or complete unit or kit;

  • RMA: Return Merchandise Authorization; required for each and all returns to AES

  • Admin & Re-Test Fee: A fee of £29 +vat that may get applied to our customers account or be requested to be paid if an account is not held directly with us in cases were No Fault can be found or the correct returns process was not followed.


This document provides the terms and conditions of AES’s limited warranty for all Parties. (“Warranty”).


2.1 AES guarantees the integrity and functionality of the products at the time of delivery; the Warranty only covers a product that has been properly installed and used. The warranty covers the restoration of materials acknowledged as being defective due to irregularities in the production process to their original state of conformity through repair or replacement free of charge. “Free of charge” refers to the essential costs required to return the aforementioned goods to conformity.

2.2 AES provides a warranty period of 24 months from the date of the original manufacturer of the Product, which can be determined from the PASSED sticker, QC sticker and/or serial number of the unit. If this information is unavailable for whatever reason AES reserve the right to determine the age of the product based on the build design and/or unique identifying features that identify the production period.

2.3 The Warranty applies to claims made to AES by Consumers who purchase any certified AES manufactured product from AES directly or one of our approved distributors.

2.4 AES will also allow an additional period for “shelf-life”. This is currently set at 8 weeks but may be reduced or removed at the discretion of AES at any time and without notice. (“DOM”)

2.5 AES offer an extended warranty on all Product(s) manufactured be them. This can be redeemed by registering your details on The information collected will allow us to provide better aftersales service if you ever need to contact us.

All AES products purchased can be registered by the home owner or installer at This will extend standard warranty by the advertised length of time from your date of manufacture.

2.6 The warranty also applies to any consumable items that are included with or in the product.

2.7 The Warranty is valid for a Consumer who legally acquires ownership of the Product. Consumers who rent or lease a Product must contact the rental or leasing company to determine the applicability of this Warranty.

2.8 Any claims under this Warranty registered outside the warranty period stated herein will not be accepted but may be eligible under our refurbishment policy. A claim under this Warranty does not affect the remaining period of the Warranty.


3.1 From time to time, some electronic devices require software updates in order for them to work optimally in conjunction with other devices and networks. AES will freely provide these updates online, at and/or elsewhere. It is the Consumer’s responsibility to apply these updates and to ensure that the product has the most up-to-date software installed on it. If an issue with the Product can be resolved by installing a publicly available free AES software update then AES will not view such an issue as a defect covered by this Warranty.

3.2 In the case where a Product(s) needs to be returned to perform any software updates due to lack of equipment of knowledge on site AES will not be responsible for any postage charges to send the item to us.


4.1 The Parties, on penalty of forfeiting the right to bring a valid complaint, to store the Product it believes to be defective in a suitable place, to take all any necessary measures to reduce the risk of further damage to the said Product and notify AES of all defects, including apparent defects relating to quality and quantity. Such notification shall be sent no later than 30 days from item purchase. The Product(s) must be delivered or shipped by the installer or home-owner to an authorised dealer or an authorised service centre, together with the original purchase receipt of the product bearing the date of purchase and the product description.

4.2 The Parties must store the Product(s) they believe to be defective in a suitable place, and, in any case, to take all necessary measures to reduce the risk of further damage to the said Product until it has been returned for testing and inspection. In all cases, the Parties is obliged, from the moment of discovering the defects, to immediately stop using the Product which is supposed to be defective and to take all measures necessary to limit damage to said Product.

4.3 Failure to send complaints or disputes by the deadlines mentioned and/or the use of the Product by the Parties despite having discovered defects constitutes unconditional acceptance of the Product as well as a waiver of any complaint or dispute relating to the same.

4.4 In case of defects which may cause further damages, such notice shall be given immediately.

4.5 All Product(s) being returned must arrive with the RMA number issued clearly on the outside of the packaging along with a completed AES returns form. Please see our Returns Policy for more details.


5.1 This Warranty does not, in any event, cover the following:

(a) periodic check-ups, maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;

(b) cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches and dents;

(c) costs relating to transport, removal or installation of the product;

(d) malfunction or damage caused by any cause not attributable to the manufacturing and design of the Product (including but not limited to fire, water, neglect, viruses, improper use, etc);

(e) abuse or misuse, including but not solely limited to the failure to use this product for its normal purposes or in accordance with AES’s instructions for usage and maintenance;

(f) use of the product in conjunction with accessories, chargers or supplies not approved by AES for use with this product;

(g) failure of the product arising from incorrect or incomplete installation or use not consistent with technical or safety standards currently in force, or failure to comply with product manual instructions unless the installation is completed by AES;

(h) damage to the battery caused by overcharging or failure to use in accordance with the specific instructions for the care of the product outlined in the product manual;

(i) cases where the model, serial (IMEI) or product number on the product has been deliberately altered, deleted, removed or made illegible;

(j) cases where any of the seals on the battery enclosure or cells are broken or show evidence of tampering;

(k) cases where damage to the product has occurred as a result of reconfiguration of the shipped product (either hardware or software) except if AES previously agreed;

(l) cases where damage of the display panel has occurred;

(m) cases where Consumers refuse to provide AES with relevant passwords or security information of the product necessary for AES to provide services under this Warranty;

(n) defects which may be fixed by the installation of official software or software updates not provided by AES, but being freely available within the market; and

(o) issues resolvable using AES’s standard repair methods (remote or automated management, Parties installable parts) where the Parties have refused to use such methods without reasonable cause. Services performed by AES in rectifying any damage or defect caused as a result of any of these excluded reasons shall be subject to charges for labour, transportation and parts. Re-installation of original software may be subject to a charge.

(p) where visual inspection indicates damage from external sources such as Insects, Lightning, Water etc)


Where a repair is required and is not covered under this warranty this may be covered by our refurbishment policy. Any charges will be quoted via email and/or phone call via the distributor where possible. Where AES does not have the distributor's details this information will be relayed to the installer or homeowner directly.


6.1 Subject to the terms of this Warranty, during the warranty period AES will, at its option repair any defects in the Product(s) or issue a replacement free of charge (save for costs relating to transport, removal or installation of the product) within a reasonable period of time. Repair parts or replacement of the Product will be provided on an exchange basis and may be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to the original refurbished product. The warranty period in respect of a repaired or replaced item shall be the remainder of the warranty period for the original product. All original items replaced in the performance of services under this Warranty shall become the property of AES and the replacement items will become the property of the Consumer.


Please DO NOT return any products without first obtaining an RMA number from one of our technical support colleagues and fully completing the most recent version of our returns form. Failure to do so may result in delays and in extreme cases be sent back to the customer without us inspecting the item(s)

7.1 In the event that service under this Warranty is required, Parties should contact the AES Technical Support Team and follow the instructions or advice given. Each return request is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and where possible the Technical Support Team must be satisfied that the issue cannot be resolved on-site before accepting the return and raising an RMA.

7.2 If possible, AES may use a remote access method to diagnose any problem, in which case Consumers will be asked to provide consent that AES and/or its representative may remotely access the Product(s). Contact details for AES and the AES Technical Team are provided at the end of this Warranty.

7.3 Distributors may also use the online portal via their unique login to request a return.*

*Only distributors who have been authorised to use this system and have been issued a login will be able to avail of this service. AES reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time and without notice if it deems it necessary for any reason.

7.4 Product(s) returned without speaking to the technical team to troubleshoot and/or raise an RMA number the Product(s) will be assigned an RMA of ‘NONE’ when booked in and will be included within any communication concerning that return and may be subject to our Admin & Re-Test Fee.

7.5 AES offer 3 options for returns to provide the best possible service to all Parties. You may choose the best suitable option depending on your case on the returns form. If no option has been selected, AES will use option A as default.

7.5.1 OPTION A - I want to return a complete unit for investigation and diagnosis, and have it returned to me again. No-Fault found may incur a £29+vat Admin & Re-Test Fee.

7.5.2 OPTION B - I wish to buy an advanced replacement part and return the original part. I will only receive full credit if I return an individual component that has a manufacturing defect. No-Fault Found may incur a 10% re-test and re-stock fee. Installer damaged parts may receive 0% credit or incur a repair charge. If returning a complete unit or kit please use ‘Option C’

7.5.3 OPTION C - I wish to send this complete intercom back. I accept that if the unit has been installed, and is not in brand new condition, complete with all packaging and manuals, that a re-stocking fee of between 10% and 30% will apply regardless as to whether the product has a manufacturing defect or not. Select option A or B if these terms are not suitable.

7.6 All calls made to and from AES Global Ltd are recorded for training and quality control purposes. Any Information requested on a call may be securely stored for review and training purposes. By contacting AES Global Ltd via email or phone call you agree to our privacy policy. The privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy.


8.1 Please note, all returns are dealt as suspected defective Product(s) until they have been tested and inspected by an AES Technical Support colleague. All return postage costs are to be covered by the customer. AES do not offer a collection service for suspected faulty Product(s).

8.2 All Product(s) being returned must arrive with the RMA number issued clearly on the outside of the packaging. We also request that a fully completed returns form is sent to accompany the returned Product(s). Any product received without any of these two requirements or without a valid description, such as, ‘Faulty’ or ‘Does Not Work’ may get delayed or be returned to the Customer as it was received due to lack of Information.

8.3 It is the Parties responsibility to ensure the Product(s) to be returned are packaged with proper care to protect it from damage in transit and the RMA number is noted on your return label for easy identification, with the return form located within the package, and mail your return to the address supplied in the contact section at the bottom of this warranty.


9.1 AES will not be held responsible for the electronic Product(s) that are returned to us and are damaged or defective due to static discharge from inadequate packaging. The use of static-free packaging where possible. All of our intercom kits and individual spare components are delivered in anti-static bags, this can be re-used for returns.

9.2 After receiving your return and AES have performed our tests and inspection of the of your product, AES will process your return as per the desired outcome selected the return form, Options 1, 2 or 3.

9.3 AES aim to have all returns processed within 4 working days of receipt however this may get extended, up to a maximum of 28 days, during busy periods, public holidays or while AES attempt to retrieve the information AES need to complete our testing as well if AES need to keep the Product(s) for longer to confirm if there is a fault or not.


AES will notify the Customer at various stages of the return process where possible via email and/or phone.

10.1 AES use email and phone calls to communicate any details concerning a return. Where possible AES will always relay any Information via the distributor or Installer.

10.2 If AES has the Homeowners details for a return and are unable to locate the applicable distributor or Installer AES may contact the Homeowner directly.

10.3 In all cases please ensure you are checking your spam and/or junk folder within your emails for any responses from us. AES will not be held responsible for any emails that may not have been seen due to this.

10.4 If a returned product is received with no address or contact details, AES will make reasonable efforts to locate the correct distributor using serial numbers where possible. Where AES are unable to locate this information for whatever reason AES will hold the product for a minimum of 6 months to allow time for contact to be made by the owner, after this time AES will consider the product as abandoned and may be disposed of by us.

11. Admin & Re-Test Fee

11.1 For Customers & Installers that hold an active account with us and where a restocking or a Admin & Re-Test Fee applies, this fee will automatically be applied to the account associated with the return. Any disputes in relation to any fees can be discussed via your account sales manager.

11.2 For Installers or Homeowners that do not hold a direct account with us and where a restocking or a Admin & Re-Test Fee applies, this fee will be quoted via email or phone call. If no response has been received after 10 days of this AES will return the product in the condition it was received with a test report.


AES only offer a full refund for a product which has not been installed, and is returned complete with all original packaging, manuals and in a brand new, unmarked condition and requested to be returned within 30 days of purchase.

12.1 If a charge is required to repair a returned product or for an Admin & Re-Test Fee this will be relayed to the distributor or Customer via their sales manager or one of our technical support team.

12.2 AES will perform a complete test of all main functions of all Product(s) returned to us with focusing on the issue reported as a fault. In the instance where no fault is found AES may seek out further Information from the Customer to provide the best service possible.

12.3 AES will make contact by a phone call or email to provide the details.

12.4 If a Product(s) has been sent for testing under this warranty policy and where no faults where found, then an Admin & Re-Test fee may apply. This would be waived in most cases where the Installer has provided all the Information requested during their technical support call including any images and where the technician requests it to be returned for further investigation.

12.5 AES will make a reasonable effort to make contact with the Customer to gather additional information or to discuss the findings to get a resolve however if no response is received after a total of 10 working days AES reserve the right to return the product as it was received to us, after collection of any applicable fee’s if deemed applicable.


13.1 Unless otherwise agreed all Product(s) to be returned from AES to the Parties will be returned by a courier chosen by AES with standard insurance cover.

13.2 AES will not be held directly responsible for the loss or damage of any Product(s) during transit but will make reasonable efforts to reclaim any costs available and forward these onto the appropriate Parties.

13.2.1 Additional insurance can be offered as one-off payments or yearly bundles where applicable.

13.3 The cost of return packaging is included in the price of the Product according to the Seller’s standard terms. The Purchaser will be charged for the costs of any special packaging which it requests, if feasible.

13.3.1 AES reserves the right to determine the type of packaging following the transportation requirements, except in the case of specific needs of the Purchaser as specified in the Order.

13.4 AES shall not be liable for late delivery or the nonfulfillment of contractual terms directly or indirectly caused by:

  • instances of force majeure (the following is a non-exhaustive list of such events for purposes of this clause: legal bans, wars, uprisings, revolutions, strikes or other labour disputes, fires, floods, sabotage, nuclear accidents, earthquakes, storms, epidemics);

  • circumstances outside of AES’s control which prevent the recruitment of labour or the sourcing of materials, raw materials, components, systems in general, energy, fuel, transportation, licenses or government orders.  

Repairs carried out under this Warranty must be carried out by an AES Authorised Service Centre. No reimbursement or warranty will be provided for repairs carried out by a non-AES

Authorised Service Centre.




14.1 AES accepts no responsibility for the Consumer’s SIM Card, Memory Cards, or any other storage media or property belonging to the Consumer not removed from the Product before return for repair.


14.2 For the avoidance of doubt, this Warranty does not cover any third party hardware or software which may be sold or packaged with the Product.


14.3 The Consumer shall be responsible for backing-up and otherwise protecting their data against loss, damage or destruction. AES shall not be liable for the loss of any data howsoever caused.




15.1 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable national laws, this Warranty will be the Consumer’s sole and exclusive remedy against AES. AES shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss arising in connection with the Product.


15.2 Nothing in this Warranty excludes the liability of AES (if any) to Consumers for personal injury or death, fraud, intentional acts or gross negligence or any matter which it would be illegal for AES to exclude its liability under law. Insofar as AES’s liability is excluded or limited this shall also apply to its employees, staff, representatives and agents.


15.3 To the maximum extent permitted by law, AES shall not be liable for any failure in service as a result of AES or AES’s agents, employees or contractors being delayed, prevented or hindered in the performance of its obligations under this Warranty by reason of any circumstance beyond its reasonable control. Consumer’s statutory are not affected by this Warranty.




16.1 Contact Details

UK & International Head Office

• Monday - Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

• Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

• Click here to find your nearest service centre.


Tel: +44(0)288 639 0 693

Technical Support Email:

Technical Support Whatsapp:  +447901952228 (this is not monitored, for use while on a support call only)



Please note that our opening hours may change on public and bank holidays. To maintain and improve the quality of our service, we may monitor and/or record telephone calls. Call costs vary - please contact your provider for details.


If you are needing assistance from a country outside of the UK please Contact us for a full address and phone number:


16.2 Return Address


Attn: Returns Dept

RMA #: XX00000 (please include RMA number issued clearly)


AES Global Ltd

Unit 4C  

Kilcronagh Business Park  

Cookstown, Sandholes Road

United Kingdom

BT80 9HJ  

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