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Protect your entrance and your  mail.

White Fence
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Access Control

With built in access control for gate & door operations, speak to your caller. 

Mobile Phone
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Available in all our technologies! GSM, IP/4G, wireless & hardwired. Ask for more information.

Brick Walls
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Pedestal or wall mountable

This letterbox can be mounted on a pillar for gate entry or wall by a door for building access. Pedestal mounting can also be used. 

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Letterbox Dimensions

Product size (mm): H550 x W272 x D93 

Max letter size C4

Letter slot H56 x W235


flush letterbox.jpg

NOW Available in sleek wall mount flush.

The Flush letterbox panel is available with Prime7 and the IP/4G Praetorian Guard technology.

Letterbox Prime7

Innovative Solution for Property Exteriors

grey letterbox.jpg

The LBX is available in a cool anthracite grey!

Looks amazing with grey windows, doors, fences, and gates, adapting to the desired trends in the industry.

Letterbox Datasheet

The LBX, an all-in-one innovative solution for property exteriors.

The LBX is designed to provide a simple and modern solution to property access and traditional postal requirements. Pairing a modern design with the functionality of our intercoms, the LBX is a great option to declutter your property’s exterior.

The LBX is available with Prime7 and the IP/4G Praetorian Guard.

Choose which functions/features you need as with any AES Global intercom and have the added functionality of a traditional letter box. To learn more about the access control please check out the product datasheet:

Situ LBX black 2.jpg
Situ LBX black  6.jpg

Advanced GSM Intercom & Letterbox

Calls your home phone and mobiles on roll-over when visitor presses call button.

Never miss a visitor with mobile calling.

Works with any standard contract or Pre-Pay GSM Nano SIM card.

Free  app (AES PRO)  for installer and homeowner capabilities, set automatic gate open & close times etc. (Learn more with the datasheet)



IP / 4G Video Intercom & Letterbox

Speak and view your visitors from anywhere in the world. The praetorian intercom has a built HD camera with video motion sensor.

Grant access remotely - Send a command to the gate motor via the app to open your gates etc. Praetorian Guard IP Intercom can come with 4G access point. The access point will provide an internet connection via a compatible SIM card.  (Learn more with the datasheet)


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