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Marketing Support


We have a range of marketing items including demonstration cases with working product, wall displays, catalogues and other items. These can be purchased at a reduced and subsidised rate, but can also be given to distributors for free in the event of placement of a large stock order. We have a range of programmes, including credit for display equipment after set quantities of sales are achieved. Contact your area sales representative for more information on the support we can offer.

We can also provide a wide variety of services including issuing of high quality logo and product images and assist with product promotion campaigns.


Pricing Policies


Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd reserve the right to suggest sell pricing policies for customers. Any customer pricing our products in such a way that we feel does harm to our brand or our market may be given written notice of removal of supply. Price fixing is illegal in some counties and the company does not have a policy of enforcing particular selling prices or price fixing. We merely advise a sensible policy which ensures the distributor has sufficient margins to properly and professionally support our products and promote our brand in a positive way. We take many factors into consideration when choosing market partners and we reserve the right to choose who we distribute through.


Credit Terms


We only offer credit to UK and Republic of Ireland companies. We do not offer credit to other territories. We reserve the right to remove credit from customers without notice, should payment terms be broken by the customer. Overseas customers pay at time of order placement. An order will not be scheduled for production until payment is received. Lead times will be given on receipt of payment.


Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk, property in and title to the goods shall remain with the seller until the seller has received payment of the full price of (a) all Goods and/or Services the subject of the Contract and (b) all other goods and/or services supplied by the seller to the buyer under any contract whatsoever. Payment of the full price shall include, without limitation, the amount of any interest or other sum payable under the terms of this and all other contracts between the seller and the buyer.


Lead Times


Generally we have most items available for dispatch within 1-2 working days. Medium orders of up to 10 items may attract a lead time of up to 5 working days. Larger orders can attract a lead time of up to 4 weeks. It is the responsibility of the distributor to hold adequate stock to support the market. However, we will endeavour to support customers where possible should they run out of stock unexpectedly or have an order for an item which they do not normally stock.


We reserve the right to adjust our overseas pricing due to currency fluctuations. We will give customers 60 days’ notice of any price changes.



Our company policy is a 2 year return to base warranty. Customers return suspect parts for either repair or replacement, depending on which is most efficient. Please refer to our full warranty policy for complete terms & conditions. Available on request.




No item may be returned without a return’s authorisation number. Full Returns Policy available upon request.


Complete System Returns


We manufacture products which are modular. Therefore, any suspect defective product can have parts swapped rather than replacing entire systems. Complete installed products which are returned cannot be credited as they cannot be sold again as new. Only un-installed and as new products can be credited. Complete returned items will normally be repaired and returned to the distributor, for return to the installer again, or, the distributor can be quoted costs for re-working the system to make it “as new”.


Re-stocking Fees


Items can be returned if ordered in error or are not suitable for the application. These will attract a 10% administrative re-stocking fee. It is not the responsibility of Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd to ensure that the product selected is completely suitable for the application. We are happy to advise customers to the best of our ability, however, ultimate responsibility for security or access system design lies with the installer or dealer. Items which have been installed and not in brand new condition with all accessories, manuals and packaging, can in cases be credited but will attract a re-stocking fee of 30%.


Field Faults


We encourage all distributors to have the installer contact us in the event of a problem on site. No items will be accepted for return unless we have spoken to the installer and are confident that returning the item is the best course of action. Any items advised to be returned by AES technical support is suspect faulty until tested and assessed by AES.

No Fault Found

We issue a standard £29 +vat re-test fee for any items returned which are no fault found status, except where we have expressly agreed to have the item back for analysis.

Technical Support


We offer technical support on all our products as a free service. This is available via telephone, whatsapp, email and live chat on our website.

Call Logs


We log all technical calls on a database for future reference and training purposes. We also record calls from time to time for training and quality purposes.


Should we feel a unit in the field needs a replacement part, we will contact the distributor, advise them of the situation and make arrangements for a part to be sent to the installer from the distributor or from us on behalf of the distributor. Order numbers are required for all parts, and all parts will be invoiced for, or credited on return of the original item (if deemed faulty by AES). We do not accept holding of payment on account for items not yet returned to us.



Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd reserve the right to change prices, specifications and terms without notice. Full Terms and Conditions can be requested upon.

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