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Leroy Merlin Call station access Control

Definition of a drive call point or click & collect terminal
The drive call station or click & collect call station is designed to operate outdoors. The system allows the customer to call the management centre through an intercom that manages conversations and access control.

The Issue

With the ever-increasing demand of Click and Collect services being a priority over the last year it was apparent that a drive through collection facility was required to cater for the volume of orders and customer arrivals.

The Customer

Leroy Merlin le pontet in France required the development of a Drive Through Click and Collect service. This required a drive through zone accompanied with a call point.
Leroy Merlin headquarters are in France, it is a home improvement and gardening retailer serving several countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Generally established on the outskirts of major towns and cities, Leroy Merlin stores are large centres providing self-service and sales assisted services. Leroy Merlin is part of a network of 141 stores across France.

The Requirements

As part of the development Leroy Merlin were looking for:
• A reliable system that allowed for intense use during busy periods of trade with communication between staff and customers being maintained without any interruptions.
• A system that will allow calls to be made in both directions with a possible telephone transfer.
• Remote control of the barrier opening via the telephone.
• Complete management of call numbers and other settings via the application.
• Option: The call can be controlled either via the call button on the bollard or via a photocell or other sensors.
• Unlimited call time: most intercoms have a time limit, but our standard products have a time limit of 90 seconds by default, but we can set the conversation time up to 2 hours and 30 minutes which will allow longer customer queries to be rectified with no interruption.
• Calling the intercom on the terminal: call the terminal (intercom gsm) and converse with the customer – allowing staff members to contact customers first.
• Caller ID: Recognition of telephone numbers for opening commands mainly for staff members. This option was very much appreciated by the customer who did not want to distribute prox tags or keypad codes.

Product Solution

The installation of our PRIME GSM intercom model catered for all of Leroy Merlin requirements with extra features to aid in their drive through project.
PRIME6-IMP/4GE-FR 4G (EU) model Imperial GSM Intercom was used in this installation.
• Calls your home phone and mobiles on roll-over when visitor presses call button.
• GSM intercom for unlimited range access control.
• Never miss a visitor with mobile calling.
• Free homeowner app to trigger gates, set up auto opening and closing times, create new access codes, receive notifications on entry, etc.
• Free installer app for remote programming and diagnostics.
• Optional mobile application.
• 100% Marine grade BS316 stainless steel.
• 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

Review and Testimonial

The Installers Verdict: Les Automates, located in Vedène, near Avignon. Offers installation and maintenance of Gates, automatations, garage doors, industrial closures, roller shutters, awnings and more. A specialist in quick repair and maintenance contracts for your installations.
Testimonial : I have been working with AESGLOBAL products for more than 3 years now and when I received this request for our customer who asked for a professional product for the management of call boxes, I immediately thought of their GSM products. Maurice advised me very well to meet this need with the setting up of a specification to understand the customer's needs and the demonstration carried out at the customer's premises enabled us to validate the prime 6 model for this project,
I thank the AESGLOBAL France team for their support.

Herve Girard.

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