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We use our phones for banking, for our home alarm systems, streaming TV, and just about everything. So it seems natural that we would want to use our smart phone to control our gates. The new Prime GSM intercom from AES does exactly that. With apps for both Android and Iphone, home owners can easily use the app to advanced control their gates.

We have added 2 main features to the software as follows..

1. Build in 7 day time clock feature.

2. The keypad module is no longer a separate independent module. The keypad is now linked and controlled from the GSM PCB, which means that we now have the opportunity and ability to control and program keypad codes remotely.

So lets look quickly at some of the main features.....

Automatic triggering of gates at preset times of the day and week. This allows a home owner to, for example, trigger their gates in the morning to open them at 8am, then auto trigger at 9am when everyone has left, securing the property for the day, then auto trigger again at 5pm to open them, and close them again at 11pm. This is just one example of how the auto triggering can be handled, and all done easily from the app.

As you can see from the screen shot, home owners can pick days of the week to select say Monday to Friday, and enter the time in 24 hour format that they wish to create a trigger.

For gates on auto closing, this feature can also be used with a long pulse time to hold gates open for perhaps 1 hour at certain times of the day or week.

Up to 40 events per week can be stored.

Deleting is easy if the home owner has lost track of trigger times.

What about British Summer Time day light hours? Well the unit has the ability to re-sync its internal time clock on a regular basis. We cannot say how we have done this, as it's a little secret.

The second biggest improvement was the linking of the keypad to the GSM board. We are using the same GSM PCBA as we have been using for some time, because its solid and reliable. This was more of a software exercise. Looking at the screen we can see there are 3 different buttons for adding keypad codes. That is because there are 3 different types of code.

The first is a regular code. Home owners can hit this button and are taken to another screen where they can enter a 4 digit code, select which output they want to use (relay 1 or 2), and the pulse time (from 1 to 9999 seconds).

The second, is a timed code. This code is time restricted, so codes entered in this screen only work on certain times and days of the week. These codes are perfect for house keepers, child minders, the gardener, and other visitors whom you want to control access to. This also lends itself brilliantly to commercial installs, where business owners might want to restrict access by some individuals to their premises to working hours, or restrict parts of the building. Obviously this could be popular for car park barriers and sliding gates too.

As you can see from the easy intuitive screen, it is self explanatory. Home owners or indeed the installer can select days of the week and a start and finish time. The entered code will only work between these times. So for example, code 5555, Wednesday, 9.00 am to 13.00 pm could be for the cleaner. This code cannot be used any other time of the week, thereby enhancing the security of the property.

The last type of code is a temporary code. Many times I have given a code to my gates for a builder, plumber or other short term visitor, but soon realized that too many people had the code to my gates. Deleting them is not so convenient. So we added this feature, so that a home owner could enter a code which expires automatically after a pre-set time. So lets say you had a plumber coming to your house tomorrow, you could open the app, add a new code, give it a lifespan of 24 hours, give that code to the plumber, and know that it will automatically expire within the programmed expiry time.

Keep an eye out for more details on this product. Thank you for reading, and let us know if you have questions We are always happy to help! | | +44 (0) 288 639 0 693

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