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For a long time now if you wanted to add an exit loop to your automatic gates, it would require costly and destructive groundwork. The E-Loop uses wireless technology to simplify the process and lessen not only the cost but negate all the usual destruction to your driveway that a traditional wired loop would entail!

The E-Loop comes in three different guises and for different requirements. Whether your requirements are for domestic purposes or for commercial premises we have an e-Loop for you! The Mini, Commercial, and In Ground make up the complete e-Loop range and provide a solution for your commercial or domestic exit way. The e-Loop range also has a few additional optional extras to further enhance the e-Loops capabilities.

The e-Loop Mini is for domestic purposes and is a small square unit that bolts to the ground surface using 2 provided Dyna bolts. The e-Loop is then wirelessly connected to the gate operator/motor via a transceiver. The Mini can withstand a static load of 2500KG (5500lbs) more than enough to withstand most domestic vehicles. With high-security 128-bit encryption, 50 meters (160ft) range, and 3-year battery life from standard 1.5V AA batteries, the e-Loop Mini is the perfect exit loop for domestic driveways.

The E-Loop commercial is a larger disc-shaped unit that again bolts to the driveway surface using two Dyna bolts. The E-Loop Commercial can also be optioned with Presence Mode, this mode detects the presence of vehicles above it, keeping the entrance open until it no longer detects the object. Ideal for tight exit ways and larger and longer vehicles where exits may take longer.

The Commercial E-Loop has been built in mind with larger commercial vehicles and as such has been made from high-impact plastic and can withstand a static load of 10 tonnes (10,000 KG)! Using secure 128-bit encryption and a 50-meter (160ft) range and powered by a 10600-mA battery giving up to a 10-year battery life!

Take a closer look at the e-Loop commercial in this video, showing you just how simple it is to set up an e-Loop on your gates!

The E-Loop Inground is built to recess into the ground surface using a simple 89mm borehole, at 70mm deep, leaving the Inground E-Loop fitted flush to the ground. It’s powered by a 14500-mA battery with up to 10 years of battery life, and the battery can be changed via top access. Using the same 128-bit encryption and with a range of 50 meters (160ft) the inground is the ideal exit loop for high-traffic commercial exits with heavy vehicles. The Inground also comes as standard with Presence Mode.

E-Trans 200 Transceiver

The e-Trans 200 is a bidirectional wireless access control system designed for commercial multi-unit complexes with up to 200 units. It features simple-to-use menu functions via LCD display, an external SMA connector to allow for connections of different antennas, and the same wide input voltage range of 10V to 36V ACDC.

The e-Trans also features 2 relay outputs (with Pulse, Latch and Hold modes) and selectable ultra-low standby power consumption of only 4.5 m/a making it ideal for solar applications! The E-Trans 200 comes in a compact design and will fit within most gate operator housings.

200 code storage with remote ID selection making it ideal for multi-unit applications. And the ability to delete individual remote devices.

The e-Trans 200 accepts 200 remotes, 4x e-Loop devices, 4x Keypads and 4x Entry Buttons. Each remote can be set to a unit number ID, limiting access to individual entrances!

You can see the E-Trans 200 in action in the video below:

E-Trans 50

The e-Trans 50 is a single-channel transceiver and is a bidirectional wireless access control system. The e-Trans 50 comes in a compact design with exceptional range and has an exceptionally low current draw (standby 4.5 m/a, active 30 m/a). The e-Trans 50 also has a wide voltage range (10-36V DC) and its single relay output (1-amp contact rating, COM, and N/O connections x 1 relay) can be programmed in 3 different modes: Pulse, Latch & Hold. The e-Trans 50 can be programmed to 50 remotes, 4 x e-Loops, 4 x Keypads & 4 x Entry Buttons. The E-Trans 50 comes in a compact design and will fit within most gate operator housings.

You can see the e-Trans 50 in action in the video below:

E-Diagnostic Remote

The E-Diagnostic Remote is a useful tool for installers who want to easily alter some settings on E-Loops, the settings which can be changed with the E-Diagnostic Remote are Dead zone, sensor distance, sensitivity, magnetic field release level, and confirmation mode. The E-Diagnostic Remote is a useful addition for installers who install E-Loops regularly, making the installation and calibration of the e-Loops even simpler, saving you time and money on the job.

You can see the e-Diagnostic remote in the image below.


The E-remote is an e-loop/e-trans accessory that allows you to use the remote as a gate opener. MORE INFORMATION NEEDED – This can either be a simple one-button gate opener or as an overall controller remote with the ability to lock out entry and exit devices such as e-keypads, e-loop, and the auto-close function.

The e-Remote is in a robust housing with a silicone rubber surround and is rated IP66 and is powered by a common 3V CR2032 coin cell button battery.


The e-TX is a Key fob remote control that is compatible with all e-Loop transceiver products (e-Trans 50 & e-Trans 200) and is powered by a 3V CR2032 coin cell button battery. Using an extremely secure 128-bit encryption and featuring four programmable buttons the e-TX is a fantastic addition to your automated gateway set-up!

In short, the E-Loop is a robust and reliable alternative to traditional exit ground loops, providing a solution to avoid costly and destructive ground works where that may not be an option or best avoided. To learn more about the e-Loop have a look at our YouTube channel, check our website or get in contact with one of our sales team!




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