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SIM packages for gsm devices – Installer of GSM devices? Earn RECURRING REVENUE for every Install!

AES Telecoms was founded to give our parent company a cost-effective and reliable solution for their GSM/Cellular products. Since then, we have built a selection of different packages for cellular video and voice-only devices.

We provide SIM packages for several countries and use some of the biggest brands in cell GSM service, such as Verizon, AT&T, O2, Vodafone, Afone Mobile, and T-Mobile.

As an installer of intercoms or GSM products that require a SIM card, you can earn recurring revenue! That’s correct, we are giving back to all the installers out there by offering money back on any AES SIM activated with us, using your Unique Installer Code!

It’s simple to start, just visit our website and sign up for an Installer Code, this code can then be used whenever you activate an AES sim with us. During the life of that SIM contract that quotes your Installer Code, you will acquire money in your account! This can be claimed annually and could amount to up to £780 per annum!

It’s simple to get your Installer Code, just fill out and submit the form here. Once your submission is processed, you will be emailed your unique Installer Code. Make sure that your customers use your code when they are activating their SIM package, and you will earn £1 per month for the life of that SIM contract!

The more AES SIMs registered under your Unique Installer Code the more you earn! For example, if you were to register 10 SIM cards per month for 5 years, you could make a total revenue of £18,300* (*currency exchange equivalent).

All AES Global Cellular/GSM products come with an AES Telecom SIM included in the box, you can then navigate to our website and activate the SIM, there is an area when you are activating the SIM for the Installer Code, enter your installer code there or direct your customer enter it when they are activating their package.

You can also order SIMs directly from our website, making sure that you always have enough for whatever GSM/Cellular device you might be installing. You can choose which provider and how many SIMs you want, fill out your details, and your SIMs will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Just make your way to this button on the home page.

Just fill in the below form and SIM cards will be sent to you as soon as possible!

So if you install GSM products, consider AES Global Telecom! Why not make recurring money from every installation you carry out? Get started today here:


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