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Streamline SIM Activation, Ordering, and Installer Codes at the New AES Telecoms Site

Unveiling the New AES Telecoms Site: Your One-Stop Destination for SIM Activation, Ordering, and Installer Code Benefits

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Stay Connected with AES Telecom

Welcome to the revamped AES Telecoms website – your gateway to effortless SIM activation, SIM card orders, and an exclusive Installer Code program that can boost your earnings! At, we're excited to guide you through the ins and outs of activating AES SIMs, ordering SIM cards, and uncovering the lucrative potential of our Installer Code scheme. Let's dive right in and explore these exciting offerings in detail.

Activate Your AES SIM with Ease

Are you ready to supercharge your AES GSM intercom experience? Activating your SIM card has never been simpler. Head over to our main page, where you'll find three prominent options awaiting your click. Let's begin by understanding how to:

AES telecom Homepage options

1. Activate a SIM Card

Your AES GSM intercom comes equipped with a SIM card, and our website streamlines the activation process. Click on the "ACTIVATE SIM" option, and you're on your way to seamless connectivity. Begin by selecting your region – whether it's the UK, Europe, USA/Canada, or the Rest of the World.

For this walkthrough, let's focus on the USA and Canadian markets. Click "View packages" to unveil the available networks. Currently, AT&T and T-Mobile are your choices, with Verizon on the horizon.

Scroll down to explore the network packages. AT&T offers three enticing packages: Lite, Data, and Pro. Each package suits specific AES units – Lite Package for Cellcom Prime and Cellcom Lite, Data Package for 4G router devices, and Pro Package for commercial cellular devices.

Opt for monthly or yearly payments, with a variety of payment options, including Apple and Android Pay. Upon purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email with your SIM's attached phone number. If you're a US customer, ensure you complete the checkout process and the subsequent form for automatic activation.

Regions covered by AES Telecom packages

2. Order AES SIM Cards Effortlessly

Looking to order AES SIM cards? Our user-friendly process has you covered. Visit our homepage and click the "ORDER A SIM" button. Choose between 1-5 SIM cards or bulk orders of over 5 SIM cards. Your desired quantity is just a click away.

Select your region – UK, Europe, or USA & Canada – each with respective delivery fees. Once chosen, you'll be redirected to a new page. Customize your order quantity on the left and provide billing and shipping details on the right. Secure payments can be made through cards, PayPal, and supported browsers' Apple and Google Pay.

For bulk orders, simply complete the provided form, and our team will facilitate delivery and support as needed.

Make recurring revenue as a security installer!
Installer Code Program

3. Unlock Recurring Revenue with the Installer Code

If you're an installer of GSM devices, our Installer Code program is your ticket to added income. Upon signing up, you'll receive a unique installer code. When an activated AES Telecom SIM cites your code, you earn £1 or $1.50 per month for the SIM's lifetime.

Imagine the potential – consistently activate 10 SIM packages monthly and generate £780 per year. Over five years, that's a remarkable £18,300! Maximize your profits by leveraging AES Telecoms SIM packages.

Contact AES Telecom web page
Contact AES Telecom

Ready to Dive In?

Ready to reap the rewards of streamlined SIM activation, seamless SIM card orders, and lucrative Installer Code benefits? Navigate to and embark on your journey towards enhanced connectivity, convenience, and potential earnings.

For additional information on AES telecom services and products, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. Your next level of communication awaits!

Watch a full walkthrough of the above in the video below!


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