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New and Exciting Products...Coming Soon!

Here at AES Global we are constantly working on and improving our products, so that you can have the best professional access control technology, in your home or place of work. We are in the final stages of perfecting our new handset, as part of the 302 Hard Wired Intercom range, the SLIM.

The SLIM handset boasts touch sensitive controls. As well as looking and feeling sleek, it also operates as smoothly as it looks. Interested in seeing a version of the SLIM yourself? Get in touch with your local area rep by clicking here.

Another brand new product is the wall mount wireless call station, coming soon to the 603 and 605 Intercom range. A step up from the handset previously used for the 603 and 605 Intercoms, this new call station keeps the access station to one location within the home/premises and erases the need of having to pick up or set down a handset. Instead, you simply have to press the buttons and talk into the call station to operate it.

Get in touch with your local area rep by clicking here, to enquire further about this product.

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