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Introducing the new CellCom Lite, a genius in its own right.

Simple – Effective – Affordable.

Sometimes simpler is just better, and the Cellcom Lite allows exactly this. The new Cellcom Lite brings us back to basics with simple, effective features alongside a quick and easy install. It is the scaled down version in terms of features and prices to its brother Prime, without compromising on quality and functionality.

The Cellcom Lite looks the part with its ultra-stylish black panel, textured powder coated aluminium hood and gloss black acrylic facia trim over a tough metal back completed with modern blue illuminated buttons, it is sure to place well in any environment.

Running on a 4G network (as well as covering 2G and 3G) the Cellcom lite gives the access to a range of features including:

  • Calling your home phone and mobiles on roll-over when visitor presses call button.

  • Never miss a visitor with mobile calling.

  • GSM intercom for unlimited range access control.

  • Free AES Lite app for installer programming.

  • Abort call function.

  • Dialling to a switchboard.

  • 2 Year manufacturers’ warranty

With the Cellcom Lite owners will have access to the new app where they can control their GSM intercom and Gate/Door Entry

App Features:

  • Control your automated gate function via SMS.

  • Switch site function for programming and navigating multiple sites.

  • Program dial out numbers and other related features.

  • Check stored information and status of intercom.

  • Program multiple keypad codes in one SMS.

Want to find out more? contact one of our Sales Reps who will be more than happy to help:


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