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Meet Nicola - Our French Sales Manager!

Nicola has been working at AES for 4 years now as our French Sales Manager.

Nicola oversees creation and development of distribution networks, customer relations, new market adaptions, translations and acts as a mediator between the UK and French market – so it is fair to say she has her hands full!

Nicola lived in Asia for 6 years giving her a real insight to different cultures and helping her adapt to living in a foreign country. She has a passion for extreme sports including snowboarding and rock climbing!

When asked her hero she stated it has changed over the years and reckons she is her own hero now which we love! (although if she had to pick someone else at the moment, she would say Keanu Reeves after recently reading about his life)

If you need any help do not hesitate to get in touch and Nicola or one of the AES Team will be happy to help!


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