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Architects and Intercoms | Don’t you want to incorporate the finer details to your designs?

We understand that quality architecture is all about functionality and the finer details, your design doesn’t stop just at the gable wall, the details stretch even further to surrounding landscape and even garden design.

When designing a home or multi-residential building, an architect has many fine details to consider, not least security and access control.

Audio & Video Solutions – What do you want from your intercom?

Our range of intercoms come in audio only or audio & video, giving your client versatility in what they want from their intercom device. All of our audio intercoms allow for two-way communication with your visitor, while video functions benefit the home owners verification of the callers identity.

Some intercoms can also be integrated with a CCTV system for even more benefits to your clients. Adding yet another layer to the security of their home/premises.

Other features on intercom models range from latching control (keep gates open for a set amount of time) to time restricted keypad codes/prox cards. These time restricted codes can be used for regular callers on a set time weekly or monthly, such as groundskeepers and maintenance workers. Meaning they have access to the property during the time you set for them, the code or card then becomes defunct outside of the set hours/days.

STYLE – Why choose an AES Intercom?

AES Global have been manufacturing wireless access control products for over 15 years now with stylish, and innovative door and gate intercom products at the forefront of what we do. We have dozens of products over a range of technologies to suit all property styles and meet their individual needs.

Our intercoms have been designed much in the same way architecture is defined, with functionality and the finer details in mind.

In fact, our most recognisable model style is called Architectural, an individual stylish design with blue backlighting, black acrylic or stainless-steel front plate and heavy-duty blue keypad and call button. A design that made our products stand out from the usual industrial steel box like products within the intercom industry.

Of course, we have many variations and design styles available throughout our range of products, our focus is to pair the best modern functionality we can with stylish design to stand out from the crowd and compliment the intercoms surroundings.

Included in these ranges are options for recessed and flush-to-wall intercom styles, pedestal mounted for driveways and classic wall mounted designs.

FUNCTIONALITY & BENEFITS – What do you get from an intercom?

When it comes to functionality our range covers single dwellings up to five hundred dwellings, with plans soon to surpass those figures massively. That means whether you are designing a single house or a large apartment block we have something to suit your needs.

Our intercoms are also industrial enough to cover business needs and are a good solution for anyone with busy security gates, so if you’re designing a business premises and want to go that extra mile for a client, why not include a stylish security solution for them from the start with an AES Global intercom.

The benefits of an intercom system for your client are many, the ability to control who enters the property is paramount, having a detailed log of who and when someone has entered the property is a good deterrent to any unwanted activity and can provide evidence for any unfortunate disputes. The Praetorian Guard IP video intercom keeps a detailed log of time and dates of when the intercom was activated and a snapshot or short video of the intercom user at that time.

All of this adds extra piece of mind for your client for security of their property, the everyday benefits of an intercom for your clients are that the range is practically unlimited with the right intercom, this means with a GSM or IP/4G intercom that your client can control their property access from anywhere in the world if they have mobile/cell service on their phone.

Some more basic benefits to your client having an AES Global intercom:

· Never miss a delivery or call to their premises

· View their entrance at any time, day, or night with built in infra-red camera technology and instant access to the camera view from the app.

· Voicemail in case they miss their caller

· Dedicated smartphone app to program and switch on/off features when needed

· Speak to visitors from anywhere they are in the world

· Keypad codes can be distributed on permanent, temporary, or timed basis

· 2-year manufacturer warranty

· + many more

Case Studies – Want to see some installed products?

Our intercoms are designed to provide a solution for several different applications, particularly domestic, social housing, commercial and public sector. Our intercoms have been installed in all of these applications and some of which can be viewed here in our Case Studies section of the website.

Have a look here for an intercom that suits your design.


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