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Installing Intercom Systems to managing one of the world’s best intercom manufacturers.

Kyle Loughrin is our new General Manager!

Kyle has been with AES Global since 2008 having started in the stores department organising vital company supplies, he has now reached the top of the company structure as General Manager and organising just about everything!

Having completed a BTEC in Electronic Engineering at the local technical college prior to joining the company, and always having a keen interest in electronics and gadgetry since early childhood; Kyle had decided to make this his career.

Kyle says ‘The only way to truly progress in the business is to understand as much of it as possible. That way you can get an understanding of where everyone is coming from and deal with potential issues when they come around.

He goes on... ‘I have tried to get as much experience as possible in every area of the company from day one. Starting in Stores taught me what materials and technology we used, my time in Sales taught me what people want, my time spent as an intercom installer taught me how we should make our products not just for the homeowner but make the process simpler and cleaner for the installer also.

Kyles early background in retail and bar work also helped him gain the valuable people skills and workplace communication that he has now become infamous for, go ahead, try and stop him talking!

Kyle also believes upskilling and taking opportunities when they present themselves to be important – ‘I started with my interest in electronics and gadgets, and I took the first step towards that career with doing my BTEC, but I’ve kept going with my education on the job and taking on other qualifications like

my Electro Technology Qualification when that became an option for me in 2008. All this helped me understand and improve the business and my work.’

Kyle embodies AES and its ethos of being the best we can be but having fun when doing it, a bright spark around the company with endless energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone he talks to.

We as a company commend him for all his efforts to this point and congratulate him in his new title as General Manager.

Nice one Kyle! Now get back to work!!


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