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Cost of Intercom System? What you need to know.

Looking into the cost of an intercom system? Need one for your entrance or gates? Then there is a few things to consider before buying, here’s a quick guide from a leading manufacturer.

What do you want it to do?

For instance, do you want video or just audio? Video intercoms are rising in popularity in recent years due to innovative and proven technology. Video gives another dimension to how you control access to your property and improves the security of your home or business premises. Some intercoms can even integrate into a fully fledged CCTV system such as AES Global’s Styluscom, allowing you to integrate your video security into one package.

Audio intercoms are still among the most common options around, and even then, you have the choice in some intercom systems of whether you want full or half duplex speech, this is essentially whether you want to be able to talk back to the person who is at your intercom.

What intercom will work for me?

AES Global always recommend a site visit by a qualified installer before deciding on the best intercom for your needs. You can contact our sales department who will set up a site visit for you and help you fully understand your options before spending a penny. There is many technologies and intercom products which could suit your property, and there is many considerations to be made before deciding on which to go with. For example, you might have such a distance between an intercom and a property that a hard-wired intercom would be detrimental to your budget and to your premises, when you consider that grounds/paving would need to be uprooted to allow for cables etc.

If this is the case then a Wireless Intercom might be recommended if within range, and if not, there is GSM and 4G intercoms which use cellular technology just like your mobile phone! Essentially you can control your intercom from anywhere in the world that has cell/mobile service with a GSM intercom.

The type of intercom you need will affect the cost of the intercom, but as said above there are other factors which will affect the overall cost of the project; therefore, a more expensive intercom may actually save you money!

I already have an intercom installed, but I want to upgrade!

This is a common occurrence; some intercoms have been installed and in use for decades and need replacing due to breaking or simply looking out-dated. Most of the time this is a simple process for an installer, most of the infrastructure is already in place from the old intercom, though this may also need to be replaced.

Our AES intercoms are uniquely designed and stand out in the intercom industry, we pride our products on providing both substance and style to the industry. Have a look at our products here.

Can I control my intercom with my phone?

There are several intercoms which are App enabled and controlled. The Praetorian Guard is an IP/4G Video Intercom that comes with its own prioritised app that allows you full control over your intercoms and its functions. We also have the GSM Lite app and the AES Pro app which controls several different GSM AES intercoms.

I have several apartments which have different ways of entering. Is there an intercom which can accommodate my needs?

There are hundreds of unique installations of AES intercoms a small collection of which can be viewed here. We have experts which can work with you in order to find the access control solutions you need, just get in touch via our live chat on the website or our ‘contact us’ page has various ways to get in touch with us. We are happy to help!


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